Saul and David in Chronicles and Samuel-Kings

A synopsis prepared by Ralph W. Klein

© 2000 by Ralph W. Klein

1 Chronicles

2 Samuel

Vannutelli 41

10:1-12 Chronicles omits the story of Saulís kingship except for his death during the losing battle with the Philistines. After Jonathan was killed and Saul wounded, Saul committed suicide. Philistines put his armor in the temple of their gods and his head in the temple of Dagon. The warriors from Jabesh-gilead buried his body.

31:1-13 Similar.

10:13-14 Saul died because of his unfaithfulness and because he consulted a medium (cf. 1 Sam 28:8-25). Yahweh turned kingdom over to David.



Vannutelli 42

2 Samuel 1 Saulís death reported to David. Davidís lament over Saul and Jonathan.


Vannutelli 43

2 Sam 2:1-7 David anointed king of Judah.


Vannutelli 44

2 Sam 2:8-3:1 Ishbaal became king of Israel; battle between armies led by Joab and Abner.


Vannutelli 45; cf. 55

2 Sam 3:2-5 Sons of David who were born in Hebron. Cf. 1 Chr 3:1-4 below.


Vannutelli 46

2 Sam 3:6-39 Joab stabbed Abner. David grieved for him and is absolved from any complicity.


Vannutelli 47

2 Sam 4:1-12 Ishbaal is assassinated.

Vannutelli 48

11:1-3 Israel gathered at Hebron and anointed David king over Israel [=whole nation]. Chr does not contain anything about David in 1 Sam 16-2 Sam 4, known as the History of Davidís Rise..

5:1-3. Tribes of Israel anointed him king over Israel [=Northern tribes]. This is third anointing according to Samuel. 2:4 = king over Judah; 1 Sam 16:1-13 Samuel anoints David.


Vannutelli 49

5:4-5 David 30 and ruled for forty years. At Hebron over Judah for 7.5 years and at Jerusalem over Israel and Judah 33 years.

Vannutelli 50

11:4-9 David and all Israel captured Jerusalem.

5:6-10 Similar

Vannutelli 51


11:10 Chiefs of Davidís warriors. David made king according to word of Yahweh.


11:11-13a The "Three": Jashobeam, Eleazar and Shammah

23:8-9 Note placement of this list in Samuel is not related to his enthronement

Homoioteleuton? (The Philistines were gathering there for war [v. 13a]ÖThe Philistines gathered together at Lehi).

23:10-11a. Israelites withdrew, but Eleazar stood his ground. Lord brought about victory. The Philistines gathered together at Lehi

11:13b-41a list continues.

23:11b-39 list continues.

41b-47. More names. (Were these names originally also in Samuel? But that is a list of the thirty. Freely composed list? Ancient source?) This is probably an additional list of mighty men who belonged to the thirty at one stage or another. All identifiable locations are east of Jordan.


Vannutelli 52

12:1-23 [22]. Leaders who came to David at Ziklag or at the stronghold in the wilderness. Vv. 1-7 Benjaminites; vv. 8-15 Gadites; vv. 16-18 Benjaminites and Judahites. Amasai: "We are yours, O David" (v. 18). David dismissed by Philistines before crucial battle with Saul (cf. 1 Samuel 29) vv. 19-22 Manassites. A great army like an army of God.


12:24-41 [23-40] 339,600 armed troops came to David at Hebron. The more distant the tribe the larger its number. Judah has 6,800 and Zebulun 50,000. V. 29 [28] Zadok, a young warrior (later priest at Jerusalem?). Unanimity and joy (v. 41 [40]).


Vannutelli 53

13:1-4 David sent message to all Israel, including priests and Levites, to join him. All agreed to bring the ark to Jerusalem.


13:5-7 All Israel assembled and carried ark on a new cart from Kiriath-jearim, 8 miles northwest of Jerusalem.

6:1-3 Similar


6:4 and brought it out of the house of Abinadab, which was on the hill with the ark of God.

13:8-14 Uzzah struck down at Perez-uzzah because he put out his hand to the ark. David took ark to house of Obed-edom (a Levite according to 15:18, 21). Hence first attempt to bring the ark to Jerusalem was unsuccessful. Yahweh blessed the house of Obed-edom.

6:5-11 Similar

Vannutelli 54

14:1-2 Hiram sent cedar and David perceived that Yahweh had established him as king.

5:11-12 Note how Chronicler has repositioned this passage.

Vannutelli 55; cf. 45

3:1-4 Sons who were born to David in Hebron.

3:2-5 Same

Vannutelli 56

14:3-7 David took wives and sired 13 children in Jerusalem. Cf. 1 Chr 3:5-9, which adds Tamar.

5:13-16 Similar

Vannutelli 57

14:8-16 Defeated Philistines at Baal perazim. David burned idols of Philistines (cf. Deut 7:5; 12:3 and Lucianic recension of LXX in Samuel). A second battle with the Philistines followed. Davidís seeking of ark brought him success in life.

5:17-25 Similar. V. 21 David and his men take idols as booty.

14:17 Fame of David. Fear of David was on all nations (per contra Saul in 10:13-14).


Vannutelli 58

15:1-3 David prepared place for ark and pitched a tent for it (cf. tabernacle at Gibeon in 16:39). Levites to carry ark (Deut 10:8; 18:5).


15:4-10 Six Levite chiefs [early in post-exilic period]


15:11-15 Zadok, Abiathar, and Levites told to bring up ark!

(In 1 Kgs 2:26-27 Solomon exiles Abiathar to Anathoth.)

15:16-24 Installation of Levitical musicians by David [reflects time of Chronicler]. Obed-Edom, a Levitgical singer, is later demoted to the rank of gatekeeper, v. 24; cf. 26:1-11.



6:12a It was told to David: Lord blessed house of Obed-Edom because of the ark of God

Vannutelli 59

15:25-16:3 David and elders brought ark to Jerusalem. God helped Levites who were carrying the ark. David was leaping and dancing. Michal, daughter of Saul, despised David [Davidís acts toward ark contrasted with the behavior of the family of Saul]. They installed ark and David distributed foodstuffs.

6:12b-19a Similar.

Vannutelli 60

16:4 David appointed Levites to thank and praise


16:5-7 Names of Levites and priests. Davidic pedigree for musical guilds of the Chroniclerís day.

Vannutelli 61


Psalm 105:1-15


Psalm 96:1b-13a


Psalm 106:1b-47-48

Vannutelli 62

16:37-40 Asaph to tend ark; Obed-edom and Hosah to be gatekeepers. Zadok with tabernacle at Gibeon, v. 39 (cf. 2 Chr 1:3), for morning and evening sacrifices.

16:41-42 Heman and Juduthun


Vannutelli 63

16:43 All people went home; David blessed his household.

6:190b-20a Similar.


Vannutelli 64

6:20b-23 Michal rebukes David for his "uncovered" dancing. Michal is barren for life.

Vannutelli 65

17:1-27 Oracle of Nathan. Not David but Solomon is to build temple. Solomonís dynasty to last forever (v. 12). Promise refers to Solomon (v. 14); prayer of David in vv. 16-27

7:1-29 v. 16 Promise refers to David himself. V. 1 Yahweh had given him rest (not mentioned in Chronicles since wars follow in chaps. 18-20; cf. 1 Chr 22:8). V. 14: When he commits iniquity, I will punish him.

Vannutelli 66

18:1-13 Defeated Philistines, Moab, Zobah, and Arameans. V. 8 (not in Samuel): Solomon made temple furnishings from spoil. Tou of the city of Hamath sued for peace. Abishai, Davidís nephew and commander of the Thirty, killed 18,000 Edomites.

8:1-14 Similar. V. 13 David killed 18,000 Edomites.

Vannutelli 67

18:14-17 Officers of David: Joab, Jehoshaphat, Zadok and Ahimelech, Shavsha, Benaiah. V. 16 Zadok son of Ahitub and Abimelech son of Abiathar were priests (24:6 Ahimelech son of Abiathar).

8:15-18 v. 17 Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelech son of Abiathar were priests.


Vannutelli 68

9:1-13 Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan, was lame and invited to eat at kingís table. Hence some members of Saulís household survived the battle of Gilboa.

Vannutelli 69

19:1-19 Ammonite Hanun dishonored Davidís servants. They hired 32,000 chariots (v. 7). David fought Arameans and Ammonites. Two battles. David killed 7,000 Aramean charioteers and 40,000 foot soldiers(v. 18). Arameans not willing to help Ammonites any more

10:1-19 Similar. V. 6 Ammonites hired 33,000 soldiers. V. 18 David killed 700 chariot teams and 40,000 horsemen.

Vannutelli 70

20:1a When kings go to war in springÖ

11:1 Similar


11:2-5a David saw Bathsheba bathing, sent for her, and she became pregnant.


Vannutelli 71

11:6-27 Uriah recalled from front and killed by orders of David. King takes Bathsheba as his wife.


Vannutelli 72

12:1-15a Nathan reprimanded David.


Vannutelli 73

12:15b-25 Death of David and Bathshebaís first child; birth of Solomon.

Vannutelli 74

20:1b Joab attacked Rabbah and overthrew it

12:26 Similar


12:27-29 David summoned to Rabbah

20:2-3 Took crown of Milcom (Ammonites); returned to Jerusalem

12:30-31 Similar


Vannutelli 75

13: Rape of Tamar; death of Amnon


Vannutelli 76

14: Absalom returned and is forgiven


Vannutelli 77

15 Absalom usurps throne


Vannutelli 78

16 Mephiboshethís power given to Ziba; Shimei cursed David, Absalom went into fatherís concubines at the advice of Ahitophel


Vannutelli 79

17 Hushai warns David to escape

21 David puts descendants of Saul to death to avert famine; Abishai kills Ishbi-benob. David to fight no more


Vannutelli 80

18 Absalom defeated, killed


Vannutelli 81

19 David pardoned Shimei, met with Mephibosheth, treated Barzillai with kindness


Vannutelli 82

20 Rebellion of Sheba; Davidís cabinet


Vannutelli 83

21:1-14 Davidís vengeance on the Gibeonites.


Vannutelli 84

21:15-17 Exploits of Davidís warriors

Vannutelli 84

20:4-8 War with Philistines. Elhanan son of Jair killed Lahmi [miswriting of Bethlehemite] the brother of Goliath. Davidís brother Jonathan killed man with 24 fingers and toes

21:18-22 Similar. V. 19 Elhanan son of Jaare-oregim, the Bethlehemite, killed Goliath the Gittite. Cf. 1 Samuel 17

Ps 18:1-51 [50]

Vannutelli 85

2 Sam 22:1-51


Vannutelli 86

23:1-7 Last Words of David

For 23:8-39, see1 Chr 11:11-41, Vannutelli 51

Vannutelli 87

21:1-4a Satan incited David to number people from Beer-sheba to Dan.

24:1-4a Yahweh incited David to number people from Dan to Beer-sheba.


24:4b-7 Joab takes a census

21:4b-15 census report 1,100,000,00 in Israel; 470,000 in Judah (Levi and Benjamin not included in count). Numbers in Chronicles originally had nothing for Judah. David has confrontation with prophet Gad. 70,000 die. God stops angel of destruction.

24:8-16 Similar. Israel 800,000 and 500,000 in Judah.

21:16 David saw angel with drawn sword

4 QSam a has similar information on angel.

21:17-27 Mention of Ornanís sons. David bought site for full price of 600 shekels of gold (cf. Genesis 23) and erected altar on Ornanís threshing floor. God answered with fire from heaven (cf. Lev 9:24).

24:17-25 Similar. No mention of Araunahís sons (v. 20). 50 shekels of silver (v. 24).

21:28-30 David performed sacrifices; tabernacle, made by Moses, and altar of burnt offering were at Gibeon. David could not go there for he was afraid of the sword of the angel of Yahweh.


Vannutelli 88

22:1-5 David: Here [at threshing floor of Ornan] shall be the house of the Lord and the altar of burnt offering. David provided materials for templeóhe was unable to build it himself (17:4; 22:7-8; 28:2-3; 2 Chr 6:7-9).


22:6-16 Davidís private speech to Solomon, the man of peace. Bloodshed kept David from being temple builder. Moses/Joshua//David/Solomon (vv. 11-13//Deut 31:23 and Josh 1:6, 9). 3,750 tons of gold and 37,500 tons of silver provided by David for the temple. "Begin the work, and the Lord be with you."


22:17-19 David spoke to leaders. You are at peace; build!


Vannutelli 89

23:1-2 David made Solomon king

Note the intrigues in the second half of 2 Samuel and in 1 Kgs 1-2 are not included in the Chroniclerís account..

23:3-6 Introduction to Levitical organization according to Gershon, Kohath and Merari. Total 38,000.


23:7-24 list of fathersí houses of Levites. Vv. 7-11 Gershon; vv. 1-20 Kohath; vv. 21-23 Merari.


23:25-32 Duties of Levites contrasted with priests


Vannutelli 90

24:1-19 Twenty-four priestly courses. V. 6 Zadok the priest and Ahimelech son of Abiathar.


Vannutelli 91

24:20-31 Supplementary list of Levites


Vannutelli 92

25:1-6 Levitical singers. V. 1 Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun; vv. 2-6 Asaph, Jeduthun, Heman. The singers prophesy (vv. 1, 2, 3)


25:7-31 Singers arranged into twenty-four courses like the priests in chap. 24.


Vannutelli 93

26 1:1-19 Gatekeepers. Since gatekeepers were not originally Levites, this list is relatively late.


Vannutelli 94

26:20-28 Other Levites in charge of the treasuries..


Vannutelli 95

26:29-32 Levites who were officers and judges.


Vannutelli 96

27:1-15 Commanders of the monthly divisions; cf. 11:10-47. 280,000 men at the kingís disposal


Vannutelli 97

27:16-24 Tribal leaders. No Gad and Asher; Joseph represented by Ephraimites and two halves of Manasseh.


Vannutelli 98

27:25-34 Davidís 12 administrators and seven advisors.


Vannutelli 99

28:1-10 Davidís public speech to Solomon: The Lord has chosen you to build a house.


Vannutelli 100

28:11-21 David gives Solomon instructions (plan) for building temple. Vv. 13b-18 details about temple vessels. Cf. 2 Chr 4:1-22; 36:18; Ezr 1:7-11; 7:19; 8:25, 33.


Vannutelli 101

29:1-8 Davidís material contributions (112.5 tons of gold; 262.5 tons of silver); others also gave (375 tons of silver; 675 tons of bronze; 3,750 tons of iron).

(Cf. peopleís generosity toward tabernacle in Exod 35:4-9, 20-29).

Vannutelli 102

29:9-20 David praised God with joy and humility (10-17); petition (18-19). Verse 11 is the source for the conclusion of the Lordís prayer in late manuscripts of Matt 6:13. David: "May Solomon obeyÖand build temple." Assembly blessed the Lord.


Vannutelli 103

29:21-22a Assembly sacrificed 1,000 bulls and 1,000 rams.


29:22b-25 Anointing of Solomon. They anointed him as Yahwehís prince (diygn) and Zadok as priest.



Vannutelli 104

1 Kgs 1:1-4 Abishag warmed David on his death bed.


Vannutelli 105

1 Kgs 1:5-53 Adonijah, linked with Joab and Abiathar. Zadok, Benaiah and Nathan on other side. Bathsheba intervened for Solomon. Solomon anointed king at Gihon. Solomon sent Adonijah home.


Vannutelli 106

2:1-9 Davidís advice to Solomon

Vannutelli 107

29:26 David reigned over all Israel.

Vannutelli 107

2:10 David dies and is buried

29:27 40 years; 7 in Hebron and 33 in Jerusalem

2:11 40 years; 7 in Hebron and 33 in Jerusalem

29:28-30 Sources: words of Samuel the seer, words of Nathan the prophet, words of Gad the seer.

2:12 Sat on throne of David; his kingdom was firmly established.