Israel: Tribal Period through United Kingdom
1200-931 BCE




Syria and Phoenicia


20. Dynasty

Setnakhte 1186-1184

Izbet Sartah Ostracon 12c
early form of ABC's

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Enlil-kudur-usur 1197-1193 son of Tukulti-Ninurta I; his predecessor was his nephew

Ninurta-apil-Ekur 1192-1180 king of Assyria

Meli-Shipak, 33rd Kassite king of Babylon 1186-1172

Kudurru of Meli-Shipak

Ramesses III 1184-1152 ANET 260-263; ANEP 344-348


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Ramesses III


Harem conspiracy COS 3.8, pp.  27-30; ANET 214-216

Libyan, Nubian, Syrian, Shasu, and Hittite captives

Ramesses III
Battle with the Philistines

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Funerary temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu above and reconstruction below

Ramesses III welcomed by god Shu

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Invasions of the Sea Peoples

Papyrus Harris By Megaera Lorenz
R to L:  Ramesses III, Ptah, Sekhmet, Nefertem their son.

Ramesses III smites a Philistine

Ashur-Dan I 1179-1134

Marduk-apla-iddina I, 34th Kassite king of Babylon 1171-1159

Zababa-shum-iddina Kassite king of Babylon

Elamite raid on Babylon 1158 Carried off Code of Hammurabi to Susa

Enlil-nadin-ahi, 36th Kassite king of Babylon 1157-1155

Second dynasty of Isin 1158-1027

Ramesses IV 1152-1146 ANET 378-379 Harris Papyrus containing many Semitic names; subordination of royal power to divine power. See also Harris Papyrus.

Ramesses IV

Ramesses V 1146-1142 brother of Ramesses IV

Ramesses V

Ramesses VI 1142-1134

Ramesses VI

Ramesses VII 1134-1133

Ramesses VIII 1133-1126 Son of Ramesses III

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Division of land to the twelve tribes









Re-Horakhty leads Ramesses VII



















Ninurat-tukulti-Ashur 1133
Mutakkil-Nusku 1133

Assur-resha-ishi I 1132-1115 engaged in war with Babylonia

Ninurta-nadin-shumi 1132-1127 3rd king of Second Dynasty of Isin 


Ramesses IX 1126-1107

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Ramesses IX making an offering

Ramesses IX



Battle of Deborah 1120 (Judges 5)


Nebuchadrezzar I 1126-1105 (B)  4th king of Second Dynasty of Isin.   Enuma elish composed at this time, and Marduk becamse supreme god of the pantheon

Tiglath-pileser I 1114-1076 Assyrian king; first encounter with Arameans ANET 274-275 "28 times I crossed the Euphrates to chase the Arameans"

compiling of Middle Assyrian laws



Ramesses X 1107-1098

Cartouche of Ramesses X

Ramesses X presents Eye of Horus to
the Sun god



Enlil-nadin-apli, fifth king of second dynasty of Isin 1104-1101

Marduk-nadin-ahhe, 6th king of Second Dynasty of Isin 1100-1083

Ramesses XI 1098-1069
Revolt in Upper Egypt

Ramesses XI

Herihor, high priest of Amun, ruled alongside Ramesses; wife of Herihor was Nodjmet, who was called "king's mother."

Nodjmet and Herihor

El Khadr Arrowheads COS 2.84, p.  221 early alphabetic writing


Marduk-shapik-zeri, 7th king of Second Dynasty of Isin 1082-1070

Ashared-apil-Ekur Assyrian king 1075-1074

Ashur-bel-kala Assyrian king 1073-1056

The Third Intermediate 21st - 24th Dynasties

21. Dynasty 1069-945 -- division of Egypt:  northern capital at Tanis; southern capital at Thebes

Smendes I 1069-1043 (1080-1069) mentioned by Wen-Amon; ruled in Delta

Pinudjem 1054-1032 (Thebes)

Amenemnisu son of Smendes 1043-1039



Tale of Wen-Amon ANET 25-29; COS 1.41, pp. 89-93 meets charismatic "prophet" in Byblos

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Prophetic trance in Wen-Amon; hieratic top and hieroglyphic bottom



Eriba-Adad II 1055-1054 Assyrian king

Shamshi-Adad IV Assyrian king 1053-1050  son of Tiglath-pileser I; deposed Eriba Adad II

Ashur-nasir-pal I 1049-1031 son of Shamshi-Adad IV

Shalmaneser II 1030-1019 Assyrian king; son of Shamshi-Adad IV

Marduk-ahhe-eriba, 9th king of Second Dynasty of Isin 1047


United Kingdom in Israel



Psusennes I 1039-991 son of Pinudjem; married to his sister Mutnodjmet (tomb was not ravaged)

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Psusennes I

Saul ca. 1025-05

Saul's battles with Zobah and Beth-Rehob 1 Sam 14:47 (drawn from 2 Samuel 8?)

Nabu-shumu-libur, 11th king of Second Dynasty of Isin 1034-1027

Ashur-nirari IV 1018-1013

Ashur-rabi II 1012-972 uncle of his predecessor

Eulmash-shakin-shumi, king of Babylon 1005-989

Ashur-resh-ishi II, king of Babylon 972-967


Eshbaal (Ish-bosheth) 1005-1004

Abi-ba'al, king of Tyre

Babylonian and Assyrian weakness 1000-748

David king at Hebron 1005-998

Ahirom king of Byblos, 1000 BCE,   COS 2.55. p.  181 ANET 504, 661; ANEP 456-459

Ahirom sarcophagus

"The sarcophagus that Ittobaal, son of Ahirom, the king of Byblos, made for Ahirom, his father....

Tiglath-pileser II 967-935


David captures Jerusalem 998


Nabu-mukin-apli, Babylonian king of dynasty E 979-944

Amenemope 993-984

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Osorkon the Elder 984-978

Siamun 978-959--captured Gezer and gave his daughter to Solomon as a wife.

Scarab of Siamun


David king at Jerusalem 998-965

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Family Tree of David

10c inscription from Khirbet Qeiyafa
Biblical Netaim 1 Chr 4:23

Public Building in the City of David in 10c

Abibaal king of Tyre
Hiram I king of Tyre 980-946 (969-936)

Ittobaal of Byblos (see Ahirom above)
Yahimilk of Byblos, 950 BCE, COS 2.29, pp.  146-147 ANET 499, 653-654;

Hadadezer king of Beth-Rehob and Zobah 2 Sam 8:3-8

Ashur-resha-ishi II 971-967

Tiglath-pileser II Assyrian king 966-935

Ninurta-kudurri-usur II Babylonian king of dynasty of E 944

Mar-biti-ahhe-iddina third ruler of dynasty of E 943-


Neo-Assyrian Period 934-610

Psusennes II 959-945

22. Dynasty 945-715 -- Libyan rule over Egypt


Temple at Ain Dara and gigantic footprints of god from this temple

Temples and cult objects from Syria-Palestine-Israel



Solomon 965-931/30

Building of Temple 962-955

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SOLDIST.JPG (301673 bytes)

Solomon's Administrative Districts

Yahwist (J) source in the Pentateuch (date contested)


Baalazor I of Tyre ca. 950

Rezon son of Eliada of Damascus (1 Kgs 11:23-25) and Hadad the Edomite (1 Kgs 11:14-16) are opponents of Solomon.  Hadad marries Tahpenes, Pharaoh's sister-in-law.  1 Kgs 11:17-22


Model (left) of Temple at Tainat

Drawing of Temple at Tell Tainat

Model of Jerusalem at the
time of Solomon

Asshur-Dan II king of Assyria 934-912




Fortress cities and gates at Hazor


 Megiddo (1 Kgs 9:15)

Comparison of Ain Dara and Solomonic temples




Syria and Phoenicia