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  Index to a Wide Variety of Theological and Biblical E-journals
  Massive List of Online Journals from Cambridge University

Acta Orientalia  A journal founded in 1922 and published annually under the auspices of the Oriental Societies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, is devoted to the study of the languages, history, archaeology and religions of the Orient from the earliest times to our days
American Journal of Biblical Theology
Ancient Egypt Magazine
Antiquity  Quarterly journal of archaeology.  Gives highlights of issues.
Arachnion:  A Journal of Ancient Literature and History on the Web  Online journal
Archaeology Odyssey
Archiv für Orientforschung

BASOR--Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research  ASOR is the principal American archaeological society in the Near East.
Berytus  American University in Beirut; archaeology in Syria and Lebanon
Bible Review  Popular journal (good photography), edited by Hershel Shanks.
Biblical Archaeology Review  Popular archaeological journal (great photography), thrives on controversy.  Edited by Hershel Shanks
Biblica  Important technical journal; published in Rome
Biblical Theology Bulletin  Delivers what it promises.  International quarterly.
Biblisches Forum  Periodical dealing with theology from a biblical perspective.  German
Bulletin for Biblical Research
Bulletin of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies

Catholic Biblical Association  Also welcomes non Roman Catholics.  Publishes Catholic Biblical Quarterly, of which I am an Associate Editor
Chronicle of Higher Education
Currents in Theology and Mission  Published by Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  Edited by me since 1974!  For more info go to Currents.
Dead Sea Discoveries
Discovering Archaeology
Egypt Revealed

Hebrew Linguistics
Henoch  University of Turin
Hugoye:  Journal of Syriac Studies  George Kiraz, Syriac Computing Institute
Interpretation  Relates the Bible to the church; Union Seminary in Richmond, VA
Ioudaios Reviews  All on-line
Israel Exploration Journal  Important Israeli archaeological journal
Israel Numismatic Journal
Jewish Bible Quarterly   Index to Jewish Bible Quarterly.
Jewish Studies Quarterly  Specialized and inter-disciplinary studies. 
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament  Sheffield, England; experimental methods

Journal of Ancient Civilizations
Journal of Biblical Literature  Technical.  Society of Biblical Literature--THE professional organization for exegetes in North America
Journal of Biblical Studies
Journal of Cuneiform Studies  Technical journal for Assyriologists
Journal of Jewish Studies
Journal of Palestinian Archaeology  Important new publication from Palestinians
Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 
Journal of Near Eastern Studies  Technical; published by University of Chicago
Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages  Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic--published in South Africa
Journal of Semitic Studies Home Page
Journal of Semitic Studies  Online services
Journal of the American Oriental Society  Table of Contents
Journal of Theological Studies Online Resources

Kemet:  The Only Popular Journal on Egypt in German
KMT:  A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Lectio Difficilior  European electronic journal dealing with feminist exegesis
Levant  British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and Amman
Massive List of Online Journals from Cambridge University
National Geographic
Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin
Near Eastern Archaeology  Popular; formerly known as Biblical Archaeologist
Newsletter on African Old Testament Scholarship

Religion Online  Public domain documents
Religious Studies Review Index
Religious and Theological Abstracts  Publishes abstracts for a wide array of theological journals, including biblical studies.  I have been the abstractor for Currents and ZAW for more than twenty years.
Revue Biblique  French technical journal, published by the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem.  Also contains periodic reports on archaeological investigations.
Review of Biblical Literature  Published by the Society of Biblical Literature.  Latest book reviews.
Scandanavian Journal of the Old Testament
TC:  A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
Theologische Literaturzeitung
Transeuphratene  Deals with Syria Palestine in the Persian period.
Transformation: A Journal for Scripture and Media  Hosted by the American Bible Society
Vetus Testamentum  Technical.  Leading OT scholarly journal; published by the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament 
Women in Judaism
Word and World  Publication of Luther Seminary
Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft  THE technical exegetical journal from Germany

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