Psalm 130

From deep places of alienation I invoke you, Yahweh; (1)

    O Lord, listen to my voice.

    Let your ears pay attention to my supplicating voice. (2)

If you, Yahweh, would stand guard over iniquities,

    O Lord, who could stand. (3)

But you are the source of forgiveness

    with the result that you are revered. (4)

I wait for Yahweh;

    my innermost being waits;

    and in his promise I hope. (5)

My innermost being waits for the Lord,

    more than sentinels for the dawn,

    more than sentinels for the dawn. (6)

Let Israel hope in Yahweh;

    for Yahweh is the source of benevolent, loyal, and loving affection;

    with Yahweh is ultimate deliverance (7).

Yahweh will deliver Israel from all its iniquities. (8)

2011 Ralph W. Klein

Feel free to use the translation of this Psalm in Christian worship.