Psalm 27

Yahweh is my light and my victory,

    of whom should I be afraid?

Yahweh is the refuge of my life,

whom should I dread? (1)


When the evildoers came near me to eat up my flesh,

       they were my foes and my enemies,

       they stumbled and fell.    (2)

If a regiment would camp against me,

    my heart would not be afraid.

If a war would rise against me,

    in this I would trust. (3)

One thing I have asked of Yahweh,

    I will seek it:

that I might live in the "house" of Yahweh all the days of my life;

    that I might gaze at the pleasantness of Yahweh;

    and that I might make inquiries in his temple. (4)

For he will hide me in a booth on the day of trouble;

    he will conceal me in his secret tent;

    he will elevate me on a rock. (5)

But now my head is high toward my enemies round about;

    I will offer sacrifices in his tent;

sacrifices accompanied by victory shouts.

    I will sing, I will sound hymns to Yahweh. (6)

Listen, Yahweh, to my voice when I call;

    have mercy on me and answer me. (7)

To you I said from the bottom of my heart:

    I have sought your face!

    Your face, Yahweh, I shall seek. (8)

Do not conceal your face from me.

    Do not push your servant away in anger.

You are my helper!

    Do not abandon me, do not forsake me:

    You are my saving God! (9)

For my father and my mother have abandoned me,

    but Yahweh pulls me together. (10)

Teach me, Yahweh, your way;

    lead me in the correct path because of those who watch me insidiously. (11)

    Do not hand me over to the power of my foes.

For false witnesses have risen up against;

    aye, those who bear testimony to violence. (12)

Still I believe that I will see the goodness of Yahweh in the land of the living! (13)

Wait for Yahweh!

    Be strong and let your heart be bold.

Aye, wait for Yahweh! (14)


2001 Ralph W. Klein

Feel free to use this translation in Christian worship.