Psalm 30


A Psalm [A Dedication Song for the Temple] of David


I will exalt you, Yahweh, because you have drawn me up;

You have not let my enemies rejoice over me. (1)


Yahweh my God, I cried to you and you healed me. (2)

Yahweh, you brought me up from the realm of the dead.

You kept me alive, apart from those going down to the grave-cistern. (3)


Chant to Yahweh, you who are loyal to him;

Praise his sacred reputation: (4)

His anger is momentary;

his favor life-long.

Crying may last through the evening;

In the morning there is a cheer of victory. (5)


As for me, I said when things were going well for me:

"I will never be moved! (6)

Yahweh, in your favor you have made me stand like a strong mountain."

Then you hid your face and I became completely unstrung. (7)


To you, Yahweh, I called,

And to my lord I begged for grace: (8)

"What profit would there be in my death,

in my going down to the grave-pit?

Does the dust of the underworld praise you?

Does it recite your faithfulness? (9)

Hear, Yahweh, be gracious to me;

Oh, Yahweh, be my helper." (10)


You have turned my wailing into dancing;

You have loosened my mourning clothes and girded me with joy; (11)

So that my liver may chant for you and not be silent:

"Yahweh my God, I will praise you forever." (12)


2000 Ralph W. Klein

Feel free to use this for Christian worship