Psalm 6


Yahweh, do not rebuke me in your anger;

    Do not discipline me in your hot displeasure. (1)

Have mercy upon me, Yahweh, for I am frail;

    Heal me, Yahweh, for my bones are disturbed/dismayed. (2)

My innermost being is very disturbed/dismayed--

    As for you, Yahweh, how long? (3)

Turn, Yahweh, rescue my life;

    Save me for the sake of your loyal love. (4)

For in the realm of death it is impossible to remember you;

    In Sheol who could offer you praise? (5)

I grow weary with my groaning;

    I saturate my bed every night with crying;

    I melt my couch with my tears. (6)

My eye wastes away with vexation;

    It grows weak because of all my foes. (7)

Oracle of Salvation?

Get away from me, all you who work mischief/injustice;

    For Yahweh has heard the sound of my crying. (8)

Yahweh has heard my supplication for mercy;

    Yahweh accepts my prayer. (9)

Let all my enemies be ashamed and disturbed/dismayed;

    Let them be turned back and put to shame in a moment. (10)


2000 Ralph W. Klein

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