Psalm 73

Surely God (El) is good to the upright (to Israel),

Yes, God (Elohim) [is good] to those who are pure of heart. (1)

But as for me, I was almost brought low by my stumbling feet,

My steps almost were made to slip. (2)

For I envied the wicked boasters

when I saw the wholeness that came to them.(3)

For they have no pangs;

their bodies are sound and fat. (4)

They have no share in human trouble,

nor do they suffer the blows most people do. (5)

Therefore pride is their necklace,

Violence enwraps them like a garment. (6)

Their eyes peer out from fatness,

Crazy thoughts pass through their heart. (7)

They scoff and speak wickedly,

Haughtily they utter oppression. (8)

They set their mouth against the heavens,

Their tongue struts through the earth. (9)

Therefore people run after them;

And siphon off their abundant waters for themselves. (10)

The wicked say, "How does God know anything?

Does the Most High understand what's going on?" (11)

Look at these wicked folk:

They never have stress;

they rake in the dough. (12)

It has surely been a waste of time to keep my heart pure,

and to go through the cultic rites of hand washing. (13)

I suffer blows every day,

I am chastened every morning. (14)

If I had said, "I will tell the truth about this,"

I might have tripped up the community of your children. (15)

Still when I considered how I should understand this,

it was troublesome in my eyes. (16)

Until I went to the sanctuary of God (El),

until I understood their ultimate destiny. (17)

Surely you put them in slippery places;

You make them fall to deceptions. (18)

How quickly they become desolate;

they are totally swept away by calamity. (19)

They are like a dream when the Lord awakes;

Upon awaking you despise their fleeting images. (20)

When my heart was bitter,

and in my kidneys I was pierced [with indignation]; (21)

I really was a boor and knew nothing;

I acted like Behemoth toward you. (22)

Here begins the psalm segment for the 10th Sunday after Pentecost, Series A

But I am always with you;

You have grabbed me by my right hand. (23)

You will guide me with your advice;

Ultimately you will take me (receive me) in honor (in glory). (24)

Who is there for me in heaven [besides you]?

And, apart from you, whom do I long for on earth? (25)

My flesh and my heart may wear out,

But you, God, are the rock of my heart,

and my portion forever. (26)

Lo, those who are far from you will perish;

You will silence everyone who has acted unfaithfully toward you.(27)

But as for me, when God is near to me, that is good.

I have made Lord Yahweh my refuge,

so that I may recount all your works. (28)



2000 Ralph W. Klein

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