Psalm 88

Yahweh, the God who saves me,

    I call out by day;

    at night I cry aloud before you.

Let my prayer come before you;

    incline your ear to my ringing cry.

For my innermost being is full of troubles,

    and my life draws near to the realm of the dead.

I am reckoned with those about to go down to the Pit;

    I am like a person without any strength.

Relieved of duties among the dead,

    like the slain lying in a (common) grave,

whom you no longer remember,

    since they are cut off from your care.

You have put me into the bottom of the Pit,

    in the darkness, in the depths;

Your wrath lies heavy on me,

    and you afflict me with all your waves.  Selah

You have caused my close friends to stay away from me;

    you have made me loathsome to them;

imprisoned, I am unable to escape;

    my eye grows dim from trouble.

All day long I cry to you, Yahweh;

    I spread out my hands toward you.

Do you work wonders for the dead?

    Do dead shades rise up to praise you?  Selah

Is your loyal character recounted in the grave,

    or your fidelity in the tomb?

Are your wonders known in the darkness?

    your righteousness in the land of oblivion?

But I cry out to you, Yahweh;

    in the morning my prayer comes before you.

Yahweh, why do you cast me aside?

    why do you hide your face from me?

Afflicted and close to death from my youth on,

    I endure your terrors;

    I am desperate.

Your wrath has passed over me;

    your terrors have reduced me to silence.

They surround me like flood waters all day long;

    from all sides they close in on me.

You have caused lover and companion to stay away from me;

    my close friend is darkness.