Psalm 89

The Psalmist

I will sing forever of the loyal acts of Yahweh;

Generation after generation I will make known your faithfulness with my mouth. (1)

For I said, "Your loyalty is built forever;

You have made your faithfulness firm in the heavens." (2)

Divine Oracle

I have made a covenant with my elect one;

I swore to David my servant: (3)

Forever I will make firm your descendants;

I will build up your throne generation after generation. [Selah] (4)

The Psalmist

Let the heavens praise your wonders, Yahweh;

Yes, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones [the angels]. (5)

For who in the clouds can be compared to Yahweh;

Who is similar to Yahweh among the children of El? (6)

An awe-inspiring God in the council of the Holy Ones;

Great and terrifying more than those round about him. (7)

Yahweh, God of the Heavenly Armies, who is like you?

Your might and your faithfulness are all around you. (8)

You rule over the pride of the sea;

When his waves rise, you hush them. (9)

You crushed Rahab like a corpse;

With your mighty arm you scattered your enemies. (10)

To you belongs heaven;

To you also belongs the earth;

The world and what fills it--you have laid the foundation for them. (11)

North and South [Zaphon and Amanus] you have created;

Tabor and Hermon give a ringing cheer for your name. (12)

You have a mighty arm;

Your hand is strong, your right hand is exalted. (13)

Righteousness and justice are the foundation for your throne;

Loyalty and faithfulness march before you. (14)

How to be envied are the people who know [your] cultic cry;

Yahweh, in the light from your face they walk. (15)

In your name they rejoice every day;

By your righteousness they are exalted. (16)

For you are our glorious strength;

By your favor our "horn" is exalted. (17)

Our shield is the property of Yahweh;

Our king belongs to the Holy One of Israel. (18)

At that time you spoke in a vision to your loyal one(s) and said:

I have placed the crown on the hero;

                    I have exalted one chosen from the people. (19)

I found David my servant;

                    With my holy oil I have anointed him. (20)

On him shall my hand rest securely;

                    Surely my arm shall strengthen him. (21)

No enemy shall outwit him;

                    No perverse one shall afflict him. (22)

I will crush his enemies before him;

His foes I will strike. (23)

My faithfulness and my loyalty are with him;

By my name his horn is exalted. (24)

I have put his hand on the sea;

His right hand on the rivers. (25)

He will call to me,

"You are my father;

                    My God, my saving rock." (26)

Meanwhile I will treat him like a firstborn,

The highest among the kings of the earth. (27)

Forever I will maintain my loyalty to him;

My covenant with him shall stand firm. (28)

I shall establish his descendants forever;

His throne, like the days of heaven. (29)

If his sons should abandon my law,

and if they do not walk in my statutes, (30)

If they defile my precepts,

And do not keep my commandments, (31)

I will punish their rebellion with a rod,

and with clubs their iniquity. (32)

But my loyalty I will not [remove] from him;

I will not be false to my faithfulness. (33)

I will not violate my covenant;

The utterance of my lips I will not change. (34)

One thing I have sworn by my holiness:

I will not be false to David. (35)

His descendants will last forever;

His throne will be before me as long as the sun. (36)

Like the moon it will be established forever,

a reliable witness in the clouds. [Selah] (37)


Community Lament

But you have spurned and rejected;

You have become furious with your anointed one. (38)

You have abhorred the covenant with your servant;

You have defiled his crown in the dirt. (39)

You have breached all his walls;

You have destroyed all his fortifications. (40)

All who pass along on the road plunder him;

He has become an object of reproach to his neighbors. (41)

You have exalted the right hand of his enemies;

You have made all his foes rejoice. (42)

You have turned back the cutting edge of his sword;

Aye, you have not made him stand victorious in battle. (43)

You have brought to an end his majestic scepter;

His throne you have defiled in the dirt. (44)

You have cut short the days of his youth;

You have wrapped him up in shame. [Selah] (45)

How long will you hide yourself, Yahweh--forever?

How long will your wrath burn like fire? (46)

Remember, lord, what the duration of life is,

For what useless purpose you have created all human children. (47)

Who is the mighty man who can live and not see death?

                    Who can save his life from the power of the realm of the dead? [Selah] (48)

Where are your former acts of loyalty, o Lord,

[The way] you swore to David in your faithfulness? (49)

Remember, Lord, the taunt against your servants--

How I bear in my body all the attacks of the peoples; (50)

How your foes taunt, Yahweh;

How they taunt the heels of your anointed one. (51)

Conclusion to Book III

Blessed be Yahweh forever! Amen. Amen (52)