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4 Enoch: The Online Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism.
Bartleby.com. Internet publisher of literature
Baseball Reference Work  Plenty of info on baseball past and present.
Britannica  a very good website, but the articles are mostly digests.
Catholic Encyclopedia   (good, but about 90 years old)
Christian Cyclopedia.  Edited by Erwin Lueker (late member of the Christ Seminary-Seminex faculty).  Published by LCMS.
Digital Encyclopedia of the Hellenc World.

The Ecole Initiative  An encyclopedia of Early Church History on the World-wide Web.  Documents, glossary, articles, images, chronology.
Encyclopedia.com  The Internet's Premier Free Encyclopedia. 
Encyclopedia of Ancient History
Encyclopaedia Iranica.  Prepared by Columbia University's Center for Iranian Studies
Encyclopedia Mythica  Information on myths, legends, folklore.  7,165 articles
Encyclopaedia of Iranian Architectural History
Encyclopedia of the California Institute of Ancient Studies 
Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World.
Encyclopedia of the Orient  Deals with North Africa and the Middle East
Encyclopedia Smithsonian.  A-Z entries on and about this museum and its collections.
Encyclopedias--a website that leads to other Encyclopedias.

High Beam Research:  Access to 36 million documents.  Free and not so free articles.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia  1915
Jewish Encyclopedia. 1906 edition.
Judaism 101--an Online Encyclopedia of Judaism  Primarily from an Orthodox viewpoint
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid from Notre Dame
Latin=English Dictionary
Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft
Perseus Encyclopedia
Refdesk.com:  the best source for information on the Internet
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Suda Online:  Byzantine Lexicography
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae.  A digital library of Greek literature.
Web Bible Encyclopedia  4,000 pages of information
Wikipedia:  A Free-Content Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.  Working on 1,131,573 entries
Women in Judaism Encyclopedia.




Last updated January 28, 2016

Akkadian Dictionary Online.
Compendious Syriac Dictionary
Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon.  Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Demetrios:  A Database of Septuagint Greek.  Universities of Southhampton and Reading
Dictionary.  Type a word and press Enter to view definitions.
Dictionary of Classical Antiquities
English-to-American Dictionary
Greek-English Lexicon by Liddell and Scott
Hypertext Bible Dictionary
Lane's Arabic English Dictionary
List of online dictionaries
Merriam Webster Online Dictionary
Translate with Babel Fish.  Type in text and it will translate it for you!
Wiki Classical Dictionary
World Digital Library.
Your Dictionary.com  English and many foreign language definitions.


Other resources

Avalon Project Yale:  Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy.
Find Journal Articles Online  Web's first free articles search.  10 million articles.


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